Software Architecture in Practice. Part 1. Life.

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Started reading "Software Architecture in Practice, Second Edition". It looks like a good book, though first 20 pages have too much of "we mention it here, but for details refer to Chapter X". Which breaks logic a bit.

At work got through two meetings so far:

  1. mini one, about job spec for Program Manager.
    Removed all "new media"(wtf is that, anyway?) and added knowledge of RUP and UML as mandatory attributes. Is it a part of the job of Technical Architect to create a job specs for managers?
  2. about status of the Product we are building.
    We are oficially late now. Not because of our bad work, but because of a low priority our requirements gathering work has in the eyes of our client. And we lost BA down the road. Account manager wants to know why we don't need a full blown Content Management System in this project. Well, that's the question: why do we need it if everything visible will be generated from database? Now I have date of my first deliverable: I need to deliver first version of Software Architecture documentation next Wednesday. I pretty confident that I will be able to finish most of that document, so no worries here.
Changed database schema a bit. Now Promotions are handled the same way as any additional information related to Product Catalog Items.

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