Rational Software Architect bug: no log output to Console window

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The only way to fix that problem is to upgrade Websphere, which shipped with Rational products, from version to The problem is that Websphere upgrades are not available through Rational Product Updater and some manual work is required.

The steps are:

  1. Download Websphere patch (355 megs!)
  2. Unpack it into C:Program FilesIBMRationalSATrial6.0runtimesbase_v6
  3. Run C:Program FilesIBMRationalSATrial6.0runtimesbase_v6updateinstallerupdate.exe and let it upgrade everything
  4. Delete C:Program FilesIBMRationalSATrial6.0runtimesbase_v6updateinstaller folder
  5. Download Websphere patch (192 megs)
  6. Repeat steps 2-4
Now everything should work properly.

Some sources recommended installing IBM Agent Controller, which didn't solved the problem. Other sources recommended to create additional WebSphere profile, which didn't solved the problem either, but was quite useful because it's a way to create websphere instance somewhere close to the root folder, so I don't have to go to the "C:Program FilesIBMRationalSATrial6.0runtimesbase_v6blablatwenty_more_blas" to get to the server logs...

Now my dev environment is completed and I can start normal life. Image

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