This is how, the "Controller" part of FileNet Workplace's implementation of MVC pattern, handles exceptions: First, declare this: [java] private Exception configureWindowIdException = null; [/java] Then, in ConfigurePage function, do this: [java] public void configurePage(ServletContext applicationValue, HttpServletRequest request, long windowIdMode) throws Exception { ... skipped ... configureWindowId(request); // If configureWindowId constructed an exception, throw it. if ( configureWindowIdException != null ) { if ( !sp.isSignedIn() ) { // We attempted to propogate a window Id when not signed in // probably the result of signing out of an info page. // Don't throw. Fix the windowId to mainWindow instead. // WindowID assignedId = new WindowID(null); WindowID currentId = new WindowID(null); assignWindowId(assignedId, currentId, false); configureWindowState(); postProcessWindowId(assignedId, currentId, currentId, false, false, false, false, false); } else throw configureWindowIdException; } ... skipped ... } [/java] What about good old try-catch? There is no proper exception handling in Workplace. Should I send this piece to The Daily WTF? Technorati Tags: ,