Microsoft Origami

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Microsoft has opened a viral marketing site about something called Origami. It was discovered by Design Tastes Good, they sent an email to Scoble with questions and Scoble responded in his snobby manner "I know everything, but I can't say it to you". And not the hell broke loose.

Engadged posted the pictures of the future gadget, but denying the validity. Todd Bishop remembered the Bill Gates' WinHEC speech about new device, and Transmeta's announcement about some agreement with Microsoft.

I hope that Microsoft will create something really useful and with neat design. What I need in such device is:

  • It should be small. Preferably fits on one palm
  • It should have keyboard. Even if it has touch screen - I ltype much better, than scribble.
  • USB 2.0 connector/charger
  • Bluetooth and Wifi.
  • If it has IrDA - it's beam must be strong enough, so I can use gadget as remote control
  • No special (iTunes like) software required to connect to device
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