How to reveal stored passwords and let browser remember them

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There is all so common situation when you have to go to once a week to a website, and you have to login to it and your browsers is not asking you about remembering that password. So you have to remember that password and its getting out of your head and you have to spend some time trying to get it into your head again.

If you are using Firefox you are lucky. There is a way to let your browser to remember the password and even reveal what you have typed correct password.

Here are the steps for a freedom:

  1. You will need to install Greasemonkey extension for Firefox from here. This extension allows you to use special JavaScript programs, which change the behaviour and/or look of the web sites. Don't worry if you don't know JavaScript, that knowledge is not required unless you want to write something completely new.

    Perhaps you want to bookmark this page before the required Firefox restart, so you could easily return to this small guide. Press Ctrl-D to do that.

  2. After Greasemonkey is installed and you restarted the Firefox you will need to install Force Autocomplete script, which will enable password saving feature on all pages.

    You don't have to restart Firefox, to get Greasemonkey scripts working. If the script is not working - just refresh the page (Press F5).

  3. Next step is to install password revealing script: Passwords on MouseOver

Now you all set. Your form data will be remembered and you could verify that you are typing correct password.

You could get many more additional scripts here:

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