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After yesterday’s success in installation of Team Concert, I went through the “Do and Learn” tutorial. The amount of new information and, especially, new views in IDE, is overwhelming! Though the tutorial tries its best to guide through sample project, it would take my time to digest the information. So far, I managed to get through it, but have been stuck on building my HelloWorld application.

The problem is that freshly created build engine, named “HelloWorldEngine”, telling me that Jazz Build Engine is not yet connected to repository. But in another window jbe.exe process is connected and waiting for builds.

I restarted jbe with –verbose parameter to see what it does, but this resulted in only one additional line to be displayed: “2008-10-28 12:16:42 [Jazz build engine] Not using a proxy to reach https://localhost:9443/jazz/” I would expect it to be more verbose that that. Perhaps it needs to tell me something more about which build engine id it tries to use…

And build engine id is exactly my problem here. By default jbe is going to use “default” build engine, not my “HelloWorldEngine”. There is parameter, which is not mentioned in tutorial, but mentioned if you try to run jbe.exe:

-engineId <engine id>   (engine id of a build engine defined in the Jazz repository, default is "default")

Once I started jbe with proper parameter – my build was fired off.

And first one was a failure: CRRTC3512E: The location "C:javajazzbuildsystembuildengineeclipsefetchedScrumProjectbuild.xml" referenced by property "" does not exist.

This is because I named Team Concert project “ScrumProject”, but in Java perspective I followed HelloWorld cue card and named my Java project “HelloWorld”. The build system was puzzled to find it. Team Concert Tutorial says this:

13. In the Build file field, type the following path: fetched/projectname/build.xml, where projectname is the name of your Jazz project.

This is not exactly the truth. This should have the name of my Java project.

So I went and fixed the project name in Ant tab. Requested the build and, voila, it builds!

Now its time to create new project, which will do something bigger, than printing “Hello, World!”

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